A Muse a Day

Artist Rem van den Bosch searched for the modern day muse in 365 nude portraits. Every single day of 2015, he photographed another inspiring woman. However, the search is not over!

You can pre-order your personal edition of the first press of A MUSE A DAY - THE BOOK now.

The Muse

'Of these matters, goddess, daughter of Zeus, speak through us beginning wherever you will'

Since classical antiquity we know the muse as a source of inspiration. For a long time, she has been regarded mainly as a passive object who inspires an artist to act but Rem van den Bosch returns to the original relationship: the artist imploring the muse to tell her story.

For one year, he will travel around the world to portray women who like to see their story expressed through his photographs. Strong or vulnerable, vivacious or shy: van den Bosch is keen to capture the reality of today’s muse. No matter if she is a ballerina in Zurich, a designer in Tokyo or a grandmother in Berlin: he asks her to reveal herself in her own environment, without glamour, to give authentic emotions a chance to show through.

Rem van den Bosch

Rem van den Bosch (1974) graduated in 2000, from St. Joost Academy in Breda, The Netherlands. For the project ‘Famous in Zeeland’ (2003-2006) he portrayed over 1500 people. His work resonated in America and in 2008, he came to LA with 400 requests for personal portraits that resulted in the series ‘Crashed Cars and Movie Stars’. After working in Berlin for two years, and living on Aruba for six months as a visiting lecturer for Ateliers ’89, he returned to The Netherlands in 2012. Two photo series re-interpreting iconic figures - ‘The New Miss Zeeland’ (2013) and ‘The New Michiel de Ruyter’ (2014) – inspired him for ‘a Muse a Day’.


To travel for one year, shooting a new session every day: van den Bosch hopes to complete this ambitious art project with the support of crowd funding, sponsoring and telling the story. Your support is appriciated!

Van den Bosch has started in January 2015 and has completed his year of daily photographs all around the country. You can pre-order your personal edition of the first press of A MUSE A DAY - THE BOOK now.